hawaiian sunset

I am grateful for this photo.

{One} How many people can say they have seen a Hawaiian sunset?  Let alone be able to capture one in person. 
{Two}It was picked for Picture of the Day in Community Webshots (remember webshots?) travel category on 10/27/09.  Can you believe this was taken with my point-and-shoot?
{Three} It really catapulted my interest in Photography to a whole new level.  

Do you have any photos that you are especially proud of?
Has any of your photos ever been chosen for anything?

Linking up with Kenzie and Everything Happens for a Reason today! 

until next time
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  1. It's an awesome photo ..... makes me want to go to Hawaii (never been).
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. beautiful picture :)


  3. That picture is beautiful. I always see something in nature and I go to take a picture but I don't think my pictures ever really do justice. I want to work on that.

    Stopping by from the link up.


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