#capturingmymoments + Nov wishes

Happy November!  November 1 starts the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year.  I am a Thanksgiving and Christmas kinda gal.  I just love the anticipation of it all.  

Guess what today also is.  The last day the husband is in his 20s.  We are just an old couple in their 30s over here.  We are having a party at our house tomorrow.  It's not a birthday party because husband doesn't want to make a big deal out of his 30th but I do, so this is how we compromised.  I love entertaining friends. 

And since it is a new month, I need to make some new goals for myself.  I have been slacking a lot recently.  I haven't been eating well and feeling really scatter brained lately.  I am hoping that if I put them out to the blog universe I will be better about holding myself accountable. 
1) eat better (isn't that always the case?) - limit sugar and carbs, no gluten. 
2) workout - get moving at least 3x a week.
3) blog more - schedule my posts in advance, look into sponsoring other blogs 
4) be more productive - complete projects, finish decorating the dining room, hang up photos
5) lose weight - keep track of what I eat in MFP

It is also the first day of the month, so if you are new around here, today is when I share my favorites from my #capturingmymoments hashtag project I have on Instagram.  
1 // @tariq105 2 // @bzlaforte 3 // @bustinjustin1986 4 // @mrsfence 5 // @mskoka_nofear 6 // @_kellyscott 7 // @mbbrantley  8 // @diesel_girl_18 9 // @kateholquist
I love checking #capturingmymoments out on Instagram and look forward to seeing what everyone captures.  So if you are on instagram, I hope to see your photos (just make sure if you are set to private make sure you follow me.  I won't be able to see your photos if you are set to private and we don't follow each other.).  Thanks again to everyone who participated!  I appreciate it:)

What are you up to this weekend?
Will I be seeing your moments on Instagram?

Linking up with Whitney today!  

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