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Why oh why do I feel so moody towards this here blog?  Am I alone?  I get so overwhelmed by the idea of having to sit down and write that I don't even do anything.  I just sit down and watch Alias (which is my 3rd time seeing it by the way), eat, and get mad at myself for not crossing off that blog to-do for the day.  Please tell me I am not alone.  And what helps?  Should I just start writings posts on weekends?  Any and all advice is welcome!

Anyway, as I mentioned in a recent post, I have some goals I would like to accomplish in November and hope to share my progress (or lack of progress - I need to be honest) with you on a weekly basis.  And since I have been wanting to participate in Weigh-in Wednesdays since I really got into blogging in January I figured today would be a perfect time start.  

And since I want to be as honest on this thing as possible, I was pretty nervous about sharing my weight and putting it out there.  And not because it is big number.  When I weighed myself this morning I was 121.6 (gained .2 from 2 weeks ago).  I am nervous to share because I don't want anyone to judge me for it.  I am 5'3" (5'3" and 3/4ths on a good day) and 121.6 on me is soft.  I take after my dad so I carry it all over.  In my legs, my face is round, my arms are flabby, and it looks like I am carrying a small child in my belly when I look at my stomach from the side.  

Ever since graduating college I have had a hard time keeping my weight down.  And not because I was overly active in college but because I took Concerta (a medication for ADD) throughout college to help keep me focused during lectures and get my assignments done.  And much like Aderall and Ritalin, it suppressed my appetite (but without the nasty emotional side effects).  I maybe ate once a day because while the meds were in my blood stream any food I loved just repulsed me at the time.  Once I got on my own insurance through my job, it became to costly to continue to take it.  So there in lies the extra weight gained.  In 2006 I ballooned all the way up to 127 (which for me and my body type is a lot).  

However, it was then that I started dating now husband and he was into health and fitness and helped me start to get back on track.  I mean, I was eating lima beans and Mrs. T's peroggi's for dinner every night because I do not cook (and still don't.  Trust me I have tried to like it.).  He taught me how to eat properly, how carbs and sugars effect me, and even got me into running.  I am the one who wasn't comfortable in my body so I asked for the help.  Husband finds my curves sexy and loves to look at me naked (even when I don't).  

So today starts a new day/week/lifestyle yet again.  But I feel confident that sharing my goals and progress with the blogosphere will help me hold myself accountable for what I hope to accomplish.  My current goals are to: 
 get down to 118 (but to get to 115 and maintain that is ideal).  
Get out and move at least 3x a week
Limit myself to only 60g carbs and 15-20g of a sugar a day
Keep track on MyFitnessPal at least 5 times a week. 

It really feels good to get all of that out there.  I don't want to offend anyone.  I do hope to inspire though.  

If you are need of some good motivation, check out Samantha and Marcy.  They are some of my daily must reads.  These two women are such an inspiration to me!

What are your goals?
Do you struggle with your weight?
Do you have MyFitnessPal?
I am alysoncornman, so be sure to add me!

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Oct 23, 2013.  Day 307 of 365

Oct 24, 2013.  Day 308 of 365
"Fall Trees"

 Oct 25, 2013.  Day 309 of 365
"Fall Scents"

 Oct 26, 2013.  Day 310 of 365

 Oct 27, 2013.  Day 311 of 365
"Good Morning"

 Oct 28, 2013.  Day 312 of 365

 Oct 29, 2013.  Day 313 of 365
"Woodland in the Fall"

 Oct 30, 2013.  Day 314 of 365
"Harry Potter reflected" 

 Oct 31, 2013.  Day 315 of 365
"Crashed Supergirl"

Nov 1, 2013.  Day 316 of 365

Nov 2, 2013.  Day 317 of 365
"Cards Against Humanity"

Nov 3, 2013.  Day 318 of 365.
"Hot Apple Cider"

Nov 4, 2013.  Day 319 of 365.

Nov 5, 2013.  Day 320 of 365.

Nov 6, 2013.  Day 321 of 365   
"Fall Contrast"

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  1. Thanks for coming by my blog! You can do this you just have to stay focused! And it is awesome that your husband is supporting you! That was a game changer for me too!

  2. Your goals seem really realistic. I think that is one key to success. I hate looking at the scale, so I like to track my active days and judge by how my pants fit. :)

  3. good luck with your goals, lady! getting started and active again is the hardest part, but once you get committed it just becomes part of the lifestyle :)

  4. The HRM you've been using is probably set to your husband's info. Maybe there's a way to change it to yours in the setup? Good luck with your goals!

  5. I have always been one who like to watch my eating and try to eat clean. Of course, there will be those days where it just doesn't seem to work out for me and I cave for something completely unhealthy. A huge thing for me though, I stopped looking at the scale and started reading my body. I started to see the improvements of my health, through the way my clothes fit and the way my body was reacting to fitness routines. I also did a lot of research as to what I was putting into my body and the affects that it had and believe me, just a change in my diet made a huge improvement. Good Luck Girl! You can do it. Contact me if you want any info..

  6. Aw...thank you so much for linking to me! I LOVE the supergirl picture. This is weird and random but for some reason the tree-lined street picture reminds me of the movie Father of the Bride...I love it! :) I think your goals are great and very realistic! And it is perfectly ok to have a goal no matter what you weigh. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great goals! I love your photos :) The fall ones are great - Thanks for joining the link up

  8. I know what you mean- I am 5'4 so my weight on a taller girl wouldn't be a big deal but on a shorter gal it shows more. Since having my baby I still have some post-baby weight I can't shed and at times it does bug me! I like to be active but it's way harder to eat healthier and find time to work out with a new baby. We are trying to find a balance!

  9. Great photos! I especially love the one looking up through the branches!


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