I weighed myself this morning and I GAINED 2 (well 1.8) lbs.  Not surprising though since I didn't really watch this week and sucked pretty hard core at keeping track.  Plus, the wine.  The wine.  Always that wine.  Clearly my body does not respond well to wine.  

But it's a new a day and week so this week will be better.  I have book club tomorrow night so I need to be more cognizant of what I eat.  Perhaps plan a head a little?  Also, the husband got me Insanity the other day.  I look forward to starting this since we are already on day #2 of snow and chilly temperatures in Pgh.   However, I am not starting that until after Thanksgiving.  We have friends visiting from Germany staying with us the week of Thanksgiving and if I am being realistic, and honest with myself, I know I will not be completing the workouts everyday while they are here.  So come Monday, December 1st, I will become an ass kicker (at least that is what I hear from others who have completed the videos).  

I am not going to let last week get me down though.  I know what I did wrong so I can correct it this week.  I am already liking this weekly check in and it's only my second week:) 

Goals for the next week:
Complete MFP every day.  Even if I don't like what I see.  
Measure my portions. 
Watch my sugar intake.   I may or may not have just looked up less sugary Cafe Mocha options on Starbucks's website. 
Limit the wine. 

     How did you do this week? 
Lose or gain?
Have you ever done Instanity?

Linking up with Ashlee and Shanna today! 

Today is Wednesday so here are my 365 photos from the week.  And speaking of 365 photos, see what I just did there?, I have a link-up I would like share with all of you starting in the  new year.  So stay tuned for the details in the upcoming week. 
Nov 7, 2013.  Day 322 of 365  
"Blackburn Fall"

 Nov 8, 2013.  Day 323 of 365
"989 Sunset"

 Nov 9, 2013.  Day 324 of 365
"Topsail Souvenir"

 Nov 10, 2013.  Day 325 of 365
"Sleepy Reading"

 Nov 11, 2013.  Day 326 of 365

 Nov 12, 2013.  Day 327 of 365
"Snow Covered"

Nov 13, 2013.  Day 328 of 365
"Early Winter Gradient"

until next time
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  1. I agree that it wouldn't be a good idea to start a new workout when you have guests; I think it'd throw things off. I'm still losing weight. I've never tried Insanity; just the commercials alone scare me! LOL

    PS Starting Insanity that first week of December would fall right in to our Fit for the Holidays challenge.

  2. Sorry about the gain this week. Right there with ya. We WILL do better this week though and start on the downward slope again! Lovely pics there!

  3. I have about 2 1/2 weeks left of Insanity! Shoot me an email if you want to talk about it!

  4. insanity is sitting in the bedroom but don't have the guts to try it! i'm sore for a week when i do the workout classes at my gym, i can only imagine how bad insanity will treat me! maybe once i'm in better shape! and i loveeeee your photos! they're all so beautiful!

  5. Great idea waiting until after your guests have left, I always find it almost impossible to work out when we have company. I get embarrassed about the whole situation and barely work out, the work outs that I actually do are also normally half assed!
    Good luck with Insanity, I am far too scared to try it.
    Love Gi

  6. No worries on the weight gain - we all have those weeks. It is good to have a plan though and to identify why you gained.
    I love that you link up with us and another link up with photography :)

  7. I know how you feel. My weight went up too come to find out it's all water within two days it was normal. I am watching everything that goes in my mouth though and with the way I bake it's been hard. I wish staying at this weight wasn't so hard.


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