it's "get comfy and drink wine" time

Happy Friday my lovelies.  I am going on week number 2 of working 5 days a week and so far I don't hate it.  I just keep thinking of the extra cash we will have for the holidays.  That helps.  Ask me how I feel after the holidays though.  

And since I really had nothing else to write about today, I thought I would just share with you 5 things that are making me pretty happy right now.

{one} It's "get comfy and drink wine" time in this household.  Found my robe and poured myself 4oz of Pinot Noir (since I am counting and all) while the husband is downstairs trying to figure out if we need a new water heater or not.  #homeownerproblems

{two} It's Friday.  And we all know how Fridays make pretty much everyone (who doesn't work on the weekends) feel.

{three} Plans to meet up with a dear friend who got married over the weekend to hear all about the deets details.  Unfortunately husband and I couldn't afford the trip down to St. Croix to celebrate them in person.  But hey, belated celebrations are just as fun, in my most humble opinion.

{four} Thor 2 came out today.  And who doesn't need more Chris Hemsworth in their life?  'Cause I needed more like yesterday...

{five} I have discovered two new link-ups photography related that I am uber excited to participate in on Fridays now.

And speaking of said link-ups;
Dear Harper for #findbeautyfriday.  Check it out, I made the cut for the week with this picture I got while driving to take my sweet little girlfriend to school.  Couldn't resist the beautiful Fall foliage.  And Aimee asked me to co-host one of these Fridays in Nov so keep a look out and be sure link-up.

And The Bradley's for Photography Friday.  This one was taken on a different drive on a different morning to take sweet little girlfriend to school.  The rain made the leaves seem so much more brilliant.

How was your week?
Any plans for the weekend?
What are your favorite snapshots you have captured?
Linking up with Aimee, Darci, and Elizabeth today! 

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  1. Oh no - I hope you don't need a new water heater!

    Love your photos - thanks for linking up!! Let me know which week you want to co-host! I still need one more for next week if you're interested!

  2. What a pretty shot! Love the colours of the leaves and the darkness of the road. There is something so whimsical about autumn! Thanks for linking up with Photography Friday :)

  3. I'm going to have to check out these link-ups!

  4. These shots are just gorgeous! I'll have a glass please!!

  5. I love the last photo, really sums up the late fall feeling
    Kala @ TheWishfulLamb.com


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