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Well, Spring has finally arrived and appears to be here for good (even though it snowed on Tuesday).  If you don't believe me, because I wouldn't either, just check out the daffodils above.  If that doesn't scream Spring, I am not sure what else does.  You will hear no complaints from this end about this weather.  I am not sure if my bones can take the cold any longer.  Happiest of Fridays and Easter to you!

favorite links from the week:
// Since some of us are trying to get beach body ready, here are some helpful hints to making your water taste better and a little more exciting. 
// One of my resolutions for 2014 is to limit my time spent on Facebook.  Rekita says it best in this post on why she is starting to dislike the social media.  
// The days of leaving the Canon when I am out past dark are behind me.  Thanks to Amanda's awesome suggestions, I am looking forward to trying out some night photography sans tripod. 
// I am not sure about you, but I am pretty pumped for the return of Jack Bauer in May. 
// I have been wanting an instant camera for a while now and I recently rediscovered a significant amount of money from PayPal I won a few months ago so I would really like to finally buy one.  I just need some suggestions from you, sweet, sweet reader.  I saw a few options on different Etsy shops like this one, but I am hesitant on which one to get.  Tell me, what are your favorite instant cameras?  

What is the weather like you?  Finally Spring?
What is your favorite moment you captured this week?
What are some of the favorite links from the week you would like to share?

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  1. Lovely flowers. We're finally getting to see some signs of spring here... has been a long wait! (And then we were teased with another snow shower since spring "arrived" -- but that's another story.



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