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On Easter, the husband and I met up with friends of ours for a small hike through McConnell's Mill.  One of my favorite things about living in Southwest PA are the various state parks that are within an hour drive from where we live.  McConnell's Mill is just a 30 minute drive North on I79 and one of our favorite places to escape from the 'burbs.  

We hiked just under 3 miles in a part of the park I have not yet explored.  I have a thing for covered bridges and was excited to discover it on the hike.  I am not sure how I never knew there was one here but I am glad I now know.  It will be a beautiful place to photograph year round. 

I know McConnell's Mill is not Pittsburgh but if you live in the city or visiting and need an escape (other than Frick and Schenley parks of course), I recommend heading here.  As I said, it is such an easy drive up 79, a major interstate that is incredibly easy to access from the city.  

Do you have any state parks relatively close to where you live?
What is one of the favorite things about where you live?
Do you like to hike?

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  1. Those are lovely photos. I adore old covered bridges, too. I'm sure it was a wonderful surprise for you.

  2. covered bridges are the cutest! and i have to say i am pretty fortunate to have great hiking and state parks here in Oregon :)

  3. What a wonderful way to spend your Easter! I totally agree that it's so nice to head outside of the city sometimes to unplug from the hustle and bustle. I've actually never been inside or seen a covered bridge before... Hoping it happens soon now that I've seen this post haha :) Thanks for linking up!!


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