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A little over a week ago I posted about my must-haves for a run.  I got a lot of compliments on my wrapped headset so I thought today's Creative Collective's prompt When Pinterest Comes to Life would be the perfect opportunity show y'all how.  

First, grab a pair of earplugs then hit up your favorite craft store, Michaels or JoAnn's, then buy as many of your favorite colors of string that your little heart desires.  Second, only if you didn't grow up making your Dad Chinese Staircase Friendship bracelets (I didn't know it had a name either), watch the video below (I am really bad at explaining things).
Third, instead of tying around your other pieces of string, you tie around the cord.  Then..
These have held up for about 3 years and I use them every time I go out for a run or walk by myself.  This was actually my first (of only three) Pinterest projects I have ever completed.  It's easy-peasy, just a little time consuming.  I suggest putting on your favorite TV show or movie and grab yourself a large adult beverage while working on it.  It helps.

What Pinterest projects have you completed?
Do you have any favorites?
Do you think these are something you would want to try?

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  1. They've held up for three years?? I'm impressed just by the durability alone! I've been baking and cooking a ton of recipes from Pinterest. I need a little bit more space in my apartment before I tackle most of my DIY pins.


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