sunday at the park

I had just gotten back from a walk/run with a friend on Sunday and asked husband what he wanted to do.  Sun, blue skies, and high 50s were in the forecast so he suggested going to see the Pirates play.  Husband has been a huge fan of the Pirates since he was a kid.  Always a believer even when they continued to lose for 20 years.  Last year they had a winning season and actually made it to the playoffs for the first time since the early 90s. So the husband has been itching to return to PNC Park ever since.  I agreed.  
We parked where we always park.  It's probably a mile walk down this riverside trail but it's free and we don't have to wait for traffic when we leave.  There are some pretty views along the way too.

^abandoned IC Light.

PNC is one of the most beautiful baseball parks in the country.  If you are anywhere along the 1st base line, behind home plate, or the 3rd base line, you get an amazing view of the city.  We both dressed inappropriately thinking it was going to be cooler than it was so we ended up moving into the shade under the roof to coo off and get away from the sun.  If you are ever in Pittsburgh, I recommend getting tickets.  And if you aren't a huge of baseball, then the views are worth it. 

It finally feels like Spring around here.  Days spent at the baseball park and the sun shining on your face is what Spring days are made for. 

Do you enjoy going to baseball games?
Who is your home team?
Is Spring finally coming around for you as well?

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  1. Oh baseball. Love it. The feel of walking into a stadium, any stadium, is a full body memory explosion!

  2. ahh sounds like the perfect afternoon. and i am a big fan of free parking even if it means an extra walk


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