wishes for the week

Does it defeat the purpose if my goals are pretty much the same every week? 

I will... run when I am supposed. i only missed one day.  for me, that's good.  
I will... blog 4 times this week.  complete.
I will... respond to comments via email.  have a few left to reply to.  some of you are no-reply though so you need change that like yesterday. 
I will... stay on top of uploading my photos and keeping them organized.  i was very unmotivated in this department last week.  
I will... prepare blog posts ahead of time.   another fail

I will... keep to my scheduled running program. 
I will... upload photos to Society6.
I will... not go over 30 grams of sugar or 60 grams of carbs. 
I will... use the Canon. 
I will... take photos for littlest girlfriend's 2nd birthday present

What are your goals for the week?

Linking up with Melyssa and Bre today! 

until next time
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  1. My goals this week are to keep my kids busy as they are on school holidays! And to try not to eat all their easty chocolate I have hidden away for them ;)

  2. i mean you accomplished the big ones like blogging AND running so i say this was a success.

  3. My goals are to keep working out consistently. I feel you on the sugar thang! Also to work on my acting website and something else...I can't remember :) Congrats on your accomplishments! I love how you formated your goals!


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