Like I mentioned in my last Weekly Wishes post, I would like to share more photos from last year's 365 photos.  I added the one above to my Society6 shop last week.  I think my favorite way to display this specific photo is framed or on a stretched canvas.  Although, I do think it would be kinda cool as a laptop skin as well.  What do you think?

I had such a wonderful weekend.  My one goal for the weekend was to sleep in on Saturday and stay in bed to read for a little.  And I did just that.  I am currently reading A Time To Kill, and although I have seen the movie a bunch of times, I am loving the book even more.  Obviously there are parts that are hard to get through but once you do it is hard to put down.  

My goals for this week are pretty short;
I will... finish the Pittsburgh 13.1 on Sunday.  I might be crawling across the finish line, but I will cross it.  If we can finish under 3 hours, I will be happy.  What do you think Barb?
I will... organize 3 months worth of photos and videos of my girlfriends for a project I am working on for their family.  I went through June of 2013 and am blown away by how fast they have grown up.  Sometimes I wish time would just stand still for a little while. 

Are you reading anything good these days?
Something you would recommend?
What about your goals for the week?

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until next time
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  1. What a peaceful picture! I am a sucker for images that contain fog, not sure why. Good luck with those goals - you can do it!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

  2. Oh I love that photo and I am quite a sucker for things on stretched canvas. I have a few of them all on my bedroom wall.

    I am wishing you all the best of luck on the race this weekend. What a fun thing to do! I used to run cross country and would be the last runner on my team to finish the race. The best advice I've ever gotten (so applicable to all facets of life) is to always finish the race and it doesn't matter where you come in at. Just as long as you finish. I know you will get to your goal of 3 hours in no time at all. And best of luck to that project of yours. I am doing a ton of photo editing and uploading for my photography FB page this week. (Stopping by from the Nectar Collective link-up)

  3. movies can never outdo the books!


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