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Happy Labor Day, party people!
Saturday was beautiful so I spent most of the day on my front porch reading.  It was glorious.  I only stopped once the sun went down and I couldn't see any more.  Yesterday, the husband and I had hoped to camp and explore Moraine State Park but it rained instead so we made the most out of it and went to grab lunch from our favorite Mexican restaurant in the city then headed to The Warhol Museum.  Like I mentioned before, I am not a huge museum-y person so I have never been before.  However, this may be one of my favorite museums I have ever been to - which is not saying much since I haven't really been to many.  I loved browsing his pieces and seeing the evolution of his art.  He must have been one of the most interesting people to meet in person. 
How was your long weekend?
Etsy: focus on selling my photos on Etsy.   Didn't do well with this.  I get very overwhelmed by it all.  I just need to set small goals for myself.  Although, I did sell this photo to my sister-in-law!
Video: complete video I am making for my girlfriends before Mom heads back to school. D-O-N-E
Run:  run at least 2 miles, twice a week with a longer - 3+ mile - run one day. The first run I attempted after falling was good but only got .5 miles.  Hope to build back up this month.
Blog: I will write and schedule posts.  Besides the accidental week break I took, I have been good about writing posts while the husband is at work.  I wrote this one on Saturday!
Photograph: I have been in a funk with taking photos lately but this post from Taylor reminded me "the rush" I get when taking photos. I have still been leaving the big camera at home. Ugh.
project: research and work on a project that I have been wanting to do for friends of ours since they got married. 
gifts: I would like to buy at least three gifts for Christmas this month.  I do realize it is only September but I don't want to be spending so much at Christmas since we will be travelling. 
read:  I have 10 more books to finish before the end of the year to meet my 25 books goals in 2014 I set for myself.  I am confident it can be done since I have three that still need to be finished and one lined for book club in October. 
pin & tweet:  I would like to be better about pinning and tweeting, especially my stuff.  I would like to make it a habit and spend a few minutes at a time on each throughout the day.  Any good tweeting and pinning suggestions?
photos: Have the big camera with me more.  There have been so many moments recently where I have wished I had it with me.  
get up: get up when my alarm goes off.  I have gotten into the habit of hitting the snooze button two times too many in the morning. 
health: lift, run and walk more as well as eat better.  I haven't kept track on MyFitnessPal much lately nor have I weighed myself.  I think I need to take a break and just go on how I feel.  And this past week, I felt pretty good. 

Did you set goals for yourself in August?
How did you do?
What are your goals for September?

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  1. I think it's awesome to have goals to read books throughout the year. Sometimes reading for me doesn't cross my mind, even though I love sitting down with a good book. I hope to change that hopefully soon! And good for you in getting Christmas done early! I wish you all the luck with your goals and aspirations :)

  2. Great goals. I need to use my camera more. I haven't used it in months, so shameful.
    Hope you're better than I am.
    Have a great week!

  3. I love these goals-especially the one to read more. I'd love to know what is on your reading list!

  4. Setting goals always helps me stay on track! I second the request for a peek at your reading list, I always love new book suggestions!

  5. I LOVE the Warhol Museum. I did a summer internship there ages ago when I was in college. Such a cool place and I haven't been there in forever!

  6. Girl please, I've been buying Christmas gifts since January. Not kidding ;) ha! Gotta start early!

  7. Shopping for Christmas?! That is such a great idea. I may need to steal this wish for my next weekly wishes. I can at least start by making a list. :)


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