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Back in July, I visited my parents in St. Louis.  It is still one of my favorite cities to spend time in and explore.  Since I have already done the whole arch thing I never want to really do anything but relax and play games (with drinks of course) when I visit.  This time was no different.  However, I was thrilled when my Mom called a few days before my trip to tell me to pack my swim suit because we were heading to my dad's friend's lake house for the night.  Since my parents sold their lake house in Arkansas a few years ago I have missed lazy days on the water so I was pretty pumped.
^view from the window seat:)

^Charlie, my mom's cat, chillin' waiting to be fed.

^morning sunshine in University City.

^morning sun from my parent's front yard.

^Charlie's morning photo shoot.  

Our morning was pretty lazy, as pictured above, so we didn't get as early a start as we had hoped.  Which is pretty  typical and not really a surprise.  The first order of business before hitting the road was to stock up on beers for our lazy afternoon on the lake.  We hit up Craft Beer in Clayton.  Heaven for any beer lover.  And the staff were so helpful and friendly.  They found me a good gluten free beer to get. We then hoped back in the car and were on our way.

^there are few things better than a good book, a hammock and a sunset.

After a day of water biking - yes there is such a thing - and a delicious dinner of Mexican and giant Margs the intention was to play shuffle board.  However, the Cardinals were playing so my parents had to watch some of it. Of course my Mom fell asleep on the couch while watching the game so there was no shuffle board.  So I headed out to get some photos from the dock and the cool moon.  A beautiful night to end a great day on the lake. 

Are you a lake or beach person?
Do you have a favorite place to visit in the Summer?

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  1. Wow I am totally a lake person and when I see those beautiful pictures I just think: this is my place to live^^ Including the cat of course, haha :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! My husband still talks about visiting the arch as a kid.

  3. Beautiful! I like both, but my favorite is the beach!

  4. Wonderful shots! Sounds like a fun getaway. Also, our cats are twins! (I might have mentioned that before!)

  5. I'm more of a beach girl - but I have to say I feel safer swimming in lakes (for some reason haha)! This really reminds me of when I went to my parents country home! And your photography is beautiful! That photo from the plane looks surreal!

  6. I had no idea that that area of the US had such natural beauty!


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