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One thing I did hope to do during my trip to visit my parents was to find a sunflower field to photograph.  Once I realized sunflowers were in bloom when I was visiting I did some research and happened upon some recent photographs taken in a sunflower field in St. Charles, Mo., the next county over.  However, after further investigation and research by both me and my Mom, we were not able to pinpoint an exact location.  But we decided, after some lunch and rest after our trip back from the lake, that we would give it a go and ask around when we got to the area.  

However, we were unlucky.  We did stumble upon a roadside market with fresh fruits and vegetables though.   The fresh tomatoes, corn, and fruit we bought made the trip worth it.  As we were leaving we spotted these amazing fields of corn (pictured below) that were so tall that I would not have been able to see over them if I stood on my mom's car.  I kept waiting for Shoeless Joe Jackson to walk out. 

St. Charles is an adorable little town with cobble stone streets lined with shops and restaurants that look like they are straight from the Wild West.  My mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, stopping in the different shops to cool off - and to buy a few things - and taking in the scene.  We ended the afternoon with some drinks at a bar while we watched the Cardinals play.  

^check out that pups face!  totally posing too. 

^view of the Missouri River from one of the pathways to the park behind the main street.

As always, the night ended with wine and a game of rummy.  I have already asked my mom if we can visit St. Charles the day after Thanksgiving when we are there.  I think it will be so cute all lit up for the holidays.

 What are some of your favorite places to revisit?
Do you have parents/relatives that live away that you enjoy visiting with?

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  1. So, on our trip back from South Dakota, we passed at least three giant sunflower fields in Nebraska and Kansas. I mean huge! The sunflowers weren't in full bloom, unfortunately, but it was still so cool to see!


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