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How was everyone's weekend?  I watched Divergent on Saturday while the husband worked.  I really enjoyed it.  Like more than the book.  And trust me when I tell you I hate to say that because the books are normally always so much better than the movies.  However, I was not overly impressed with the book to begin with so there's that.  But of course I will keep reading because I want to know what happens.  And yesterday, we watched the Steelers home opener.  And by watched, I mean I crocheted while the husband watched.  That's how I roll during football season.  

health.  I need to start planning meals for the week ahead of time.  I found a really delicious and easy chicken salad recipe. 
exercise. I want to get back into weight lifting. lifted once. 
routine. I need to get back into a routine. done.

crochet: I spent $94 splurged on yarn yesterday to make a blanket for our couch.  I would like to work on a few rows here and there throughout the week. 
gym: workout at the gym three times this week. 
gift: print off quote for my sister for her Christmas gift. 

What are your goals for the week?
How did you do last week?

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  1. Good luck with the crochet project!

  2. yummm that chicken salad sounds good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Oh I'm jealous of your crochet skills doing a whole blanket! The most I've done is a pot holder and a very sad little scarf. ;)

  4. I'm in need of a new hobby ... good luck with your blanket project!

  5. Good luck with the crochet project!! I love the colors you've picked out. I need to get my body moving, but no gym for me. I'm about to move and can't start up a membership. Hopefully I can find a work out to do at home. :)


  6. I seriously need to start setting some goals. I've been SO lazy! Thanks for linking up for MMG and the sweet comment about my dog on my Monday post :)


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