weekly wishes

 How was everyone's weekend?  
A friend of ours was in town from Richmond, VA.  His girlfriend is the head girls soccer coach for VCU and were in town playing Pitt so him and I met up for dinner and happy hour before the game.  VCU was not supposed to win but they did.  I must admit, I was a bit torn on who to root for.  I am glad VCU won since they came all of that way (and because my friend's girlfriend is the coach) but still sad  to see the home team lose. 
Saturday I spent the morning running/walking with Barb for our weekly work-out then came back home and snuggled in bed while I got the blog prepared for the week.  Saturday night the husband and I met up with our friend and to listen to him play at a bar.  I have not seen him play before so it was nice to finally be able to do so. 
We didn't get to bed until late Saturday night so I didn't get out of bed on Sunday until 11.  It was lovely. 

crochet: I would like to work on a few rows here and there throughout the week. I am single crocheting my way to make a giant blanket for our couch.  It will take a lot of time but with football games and Harry Potter to watch I am sure I will have plenty of time to work on it.
gym: workout at the gym three times this week. only made it twice. 
gift: print off quote for my sister for her Christmas gift.  made the quote. just need to find a place to print it off.  any suggestions?

track: I need to get back on track tracking MFP.  As much of a pain in the ass it is to keep up with it does hold me accountable.  Thanks for the reminder Samantha.
gift: order prints for my Mom for her Christmas gift.
list: Making a packing list for our trip to State College this weekend to visit with my SIL and her boyfriend.
lunges: be able to do at least two sets of 10 lunges at the gym.  I forgot how hard these are when your not used to them.

What are your goals for the week?
How did you do last week?

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  1. lunges are of the devil. They hurt my knees so I consider myself exempt from them.. I do pushups instead and hate life equally, lol. :)

  2. Ugh, lunges, so painful! Same with squats, but both give you killer results if you stick with them! I have GOT to get back on a regular workout schedule!

  3. Found your blog on monday morning gossip. Love that you set goals for yourself! I totally need to do that. Also, saw your post about Peru. I was fortunate to spend a semester there in college. You definitely need to go! Macchu Picchu is a must-do for a bucket list!

  4. Good luck with your goals this week! I highly recommend mpix.com for your printing needs. I also need to get back on MFP!

  5. One of my weekly wishes is to get on track with MFP as well - it's so easy to stop doing it, but then before I know it, I'm back to eating super unhealthy again! :( Good luck to both of us haha :)

  6. I want to learn to crochet so I can make my own blankets too! I've been toying with the idea for awhile but I think it might be time to actually follow through. Hobby Lobby here I come!


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