Burgh'n it. N'at.

About a month ago, the hubs and I decided to take advantage of our open Fridays and head into the city for a few hours of exploring.  We needed to get my car's front windshield replaced and I had recently purchased a Groupon for Penn Brewery so we had perfect excuses to head out on a blistery February morning.  

Since we had some time to kill while the windshield was being replaced we wandered down 5th Avenue looking for a diner to grab some breakfast.  Apparently there are none in the area so we settled for 2 breakfast burritos from Subway.  When we asked if she could just wrap the burrito in the egg the girl gave us a funny look.  A very confused female sandwich artist such a request makes. Once husband described to her what we meant she got it. The life of gluten-free living.

As you can see our walk in search of a diner was awfully cold.  I forgot a hat but was lucky enough to bring my scarf my sister got me from her trip to India.  Boy did it come in handy!

Once the ole girl was ready we headed to Penn Brewery for lunch.  I have lived in Pittsburgh since '95 and never been here.  It is a place I would definitely go again!  
view of the Heinz plant from across the street

Somewhere I'd definitely like to return to once it's nice out.  

I have always thought it would be nice to work somewhere that allowed it's workers to go out for lunch on a Friday and it be perfectly acceptable to throw back some beers while enjoying lunch.  That is of course assuming these men shown actually work.  

We then headed to The Strip District.  A neighborhood in the city we wish we frequented more often and lived closer to.  In the Summer the sidewalks are lined with fresh fruit and veggies and flowers.  It also has some of the best stores for food lovers.  As is custom on a trip to The Strip we stopped in Penn Mac to just check out their olive oils, cheeses and olives.  Good thing our stomachs were full from lunch.  Otherwise, this a place you do not want to shop if you are hungry.  

This shop is always open and has clothes displayed outside it's doors year round.  I can only imagine how long it takes for the store owner to get ready to open.  Pretty much anything clothing related, they sell here.  My favorite are the different scarves they have and they are always on sale.  I am such a sucker for a good deal!

Hubs and I have had a popcorn obsession lately.  So we were thrilled to find this.  Neither one of us realized it existed.  How cool is the inside though?  And that old-timey stove?  Loved it.  

Apparently there are a lot of painted murals around the city.  I didn't realize this until my sister and I were walking around The Southside just this past this weekend (post to come), but her and my mom did a Pittsburgh mural tour when they lived here.  Aren't the colors in this one great?  

Since it was so cold, we were looking for some tea and hot chocolate to warm us up.  We found this shop that not only sold tea, coffees and hot chocolate but actually had Almond and Coconut milk as an option for my Chai Tea.  An option that I wish was offered more in the area.  

We ended our walk along The Strip at Wholey's Fish Market.  I do not like fish.  At all.  So walking around Wholey's is such a task.  All the dead fish set out staring at you is something I would much rather not do.  Plus, the smell.  YUCK.  But hubs was on the hunt for sardines so in we went.  

As we checked out, the cashier asked hubs if we planned on feeding the sardines to our cat.  I just laughed and said, "unfortunately no we do not have a cat.  he eats them."  We managed to stun two people in one day.  Not an easy task for many.  

I also made a little video of our trip.  Check it out! 
Song: The Decemberists - "January Hymn" 

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh???  It is definitely a city that I think has a bad name due to the steel mills of the 70s but have noticed that opinion starting to change.  If you are ever are passing through, I definitely recommend you stopping by and making some time to explore the city.  I promise, you won't regret it:) 

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