Friday Friday Friiiiiiday!

Well, it's the 3rd day of Spring and the high today is only 34.
With flurries. 
I am not happy about it. 
Just hoping that means April and May are nice to make up for it.

Anywayyyyyy (said in Ellen's voice), here are daily photos from the past week.

Mar 16, 2013.  Day 86 of 365.
"Fire Escape"
{I have such a thing for fire escapes.  
I have always wanted to live in a building with one.
Perhaps, when the hubs and I finally do decide to sell the house and rent again.}

 Mar 17, 2013.  Day 87 of 365.
"Green Wine"
{Deliciously sweet green wine enjoyed at the in-laws on 
St. Patrick's Day.}

 Mar 18, 2013.  Day 88 of 365.
"Lemon Water"
{Since I have been fighting off cold after cold this winter
I have been craving lemons.  I am assuming it is the Vitamin C
my body needs.  So I have been listening.}

Mar 19, 2013.  Day 89 of 365.
"Breakfast Buddies"
{My girlfriends I spend between 27 to 30 hours with during the week.  
Little girlfriend had just woken up from a nap.  So I snuggled 
with her in my lap when sister wanted in on a piece of the 
"snuggle buggle."}

 Mar 20, 2013.  Day 90 of 365.
{Wednesday morning relaxation.  Tea and a new library book while 
the iPhone charges.}

 Mar 21, 2013.  Day 91 of 365.
"Natural Gradient"
{It is beginning to be light again in the mornings.  WOOT!
This was taken from the driveway of the home I baby-sit for. 
I love the colors.}

 Mar 22, 2013.  Day 92 of 365.
"March Madness"
{This mornings set-up.
No, the husband is not home.
I am that girl who actually enjoys watching basketball.  
Especially during March Madness.}

How about some old school J. Lo for #backthatazzup Friday
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I hope, wherever you are, are warm and enjoying some sunshine.
Soak some up for me please.  Thanks in advance:)

Okay, now it's time to get my Chris Pine fill
while I watch Star Trek in anticipation of the 
new one coming out in May:)

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