easter sunday // #capturingmymoments

Happy Easter everyone!  
What does your Easter Sunday look like?
What are your traditions?
Husband and I will head over to 
his parents a little later to search for our Easter 
baskets quickly followed by stuffing
our faces with chocolate (at least I will be)
and ham.  

Well, today is the end of the month
so that means I am going to share with you
my favorite #capturingmymoments 
photos from Instagram from the month
of March.  In case you are new around here,
the idea behind this project is to use the
hashtag above on Instagram to share your
moments with the IG community.  I hope to
see your moments in April!

Without further adieu, 
@bzlaforte - "Home made Alfredo sauce"
{my good friend, Bryan is an amazing cook and is always experimenting} 

@andiepants - "Taking advantage of a beautiful windy day"
{I wish I had places like this to go to a regular basis.  Isn't it gorgeous?}

@bustinjustin1986 - "fishing with my dad"
{What a special thing to be able to with you father.  Looks like a beautiful day too}

@ctomana - cute little family
{good friend's sweet little Cocker Spaniel.  And check out her bling!}

@diesel_girl_18 - "Smiling is my favorite"
{Looks like a fun time with girlfriends.  Laughter and girlfriends always does the body good}

@dontcallmejanet - "Sitting in the Park"
{One of the rare nice days we had this month.  What a great way to spend the afternoon.} 

@jennycorn11 - "Ziva lovin"
{SIL stealing kisses from family's foxy golden retriever, Ziva}

@juliewootv - moments 
{Gorgeous capture of lit candles}

@kel_dub - "Missing you"
{Reunited family}

@kkh825 - "Happy Birthday"
{Gorgeous family out to celebrate a birthday}

@krissythemcmc - "When small things are the big things"
{Sweet capture of a little hand.  Love moments like this.}

@sydthekid15143 - "Sunshine with Murphy"
{Fun moment with an adorable pup while out enjoying some sunshine}

@jennymcelle - "Up!"
{Flower buds and blue skies.  What's not to love?}

Thanks to everyone who participated.  This
seems to be growing a little.  Last month I
only shared 9, this month I had 13.  Please
keep it up!  Be sure to follow everyone and 
share with your friends.  I look forward
to checking out everyone's moments throughout 
the day.  

***And please remember, if you do not want me to share your photos on my blog just let me know.  However, I would still love for you to share your moments using the hashtag though***

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