Cali Adventures {Carmel & 17 Mile Drive}

Since my mind is still on vacation mode especially since we are leaving tonight! I thought I would stick with the beach-y theme and continue to share our Cali adventures.  This time, our trip to Carmel.  

If you ever want to feel fancy, just walk around Carmel.  It is probably the nicest ocean view towns I have ever been to.  But holy is it cold and windy.  Surprisingly there were actually people laying out in their swimsuits.  Which might explain all of the British flag swim suits because who else would lay out in 60s and wind but those silly Brits. 

We then took a drive up the coast on 17 Mile Drive.  Seriously some of the most beautiful views of the ocean I have ever seen.  And don't even get me started on the homes that we drove past.  With views like the ones below, I can only speculate to how much those bad boys cost.

Although we had hoped to get up to Santa Cruz, once we hit traffic on the highway to get there we were all sick of being in the car again so we headed back to 80 degrees and sun.  We hit up the town in search of some good drinks and fun atmosphere.  Since Cider was calling our name, the husband Yelped pubs in the area and found The Rose & Crown English Food & Ale House.  We stayed until 10ish then went back to M's apartment, had some more to drink over good conversation.  

Reminded me of my adventures in Scotland & Ireland

Palo Alto at night. 

And of course, a Friday post wouldn't be a Friday post without a little #backthatazzup action:)

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  1. Oh that looks lovely! Seriously!

  2. Beautiful photos! Loved the third one from the bottom with the sunflare! Have fun on vacation! :)

  3. I love your blog! It's so neat and organized!! I really do have to say that its very inspiring!! Great photos hope to read more future posts!

    DIY Bride


    Carmel is just a little North of my Hometown in San Diego. These pictures make me ache to go home pronto!! Awesome photo's :)



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