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Well, it's Friday and you know what that means?  Last day of holiday in Topsail, NC (pronounced Topsuhl around these parts).  Since I am not really sure what I wanted to write I thought it would appropriate for my second Happies & Crappies. 

I have been on vacation all week * I have woken up every morning to the sun shining through our sliding door and to the sounds of the waves crashing the shore * I finally have myself a tan * laughed ourselves silly last over a game of Cards Against Humanity * Our last day is sunny * I am getting tattoo number 2 tonight * While I am sad vacation is ending, I am looking forward to our bed. * We will be coming home to a clean house. WOOT. 

*Today is our last day.  You know how they say that if you lived by the beach you wouldn't probably wouldn't go to the beach.  I am pretty I am not that person. * It is a 10 hour drive home. 

While I was doing my usual Instragram browsing routine this morning I stumbled upon this quote from Invisible Children and felt it to be appropriate for how I felt seeing the moonlight glowing across the Atlantic the other night.
If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen this photo.  This time I used my favorite Word Swag app for the quote and Rhonna Designs app for the cute little designs.  What do you think?  Pretty good quote, huh? 

And since it is Friday, a good Friday post is not complete without #backthatazzup! 

What are your happies & crappies for the week?
What about your "can't put into words" moments?

Linking up with Whitney, Jelli, and Stephanie today!  

Until next time
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  1. Linking up and backing that azz up.. I love that quote and I'm sorry your vacay is over!! Thankfully I live in a town where I can always hear the waves crashing on the shore!

  2. It's always terrible when vacation is over, but you will be so happy in your own bed!


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