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If you ever want to feel old, just head to an outdoor concert surrounded by young 20 somethings getting wasted and drunk dancing all while feeling nostalgic for the days when you were that wasted, drunk dancing 20 something.  Last night I got the chance to see Mumford & Sons live.  And as much as I enjoyed the show, I kept catching myself thinking "man I wish I could just sit down" or "this would be perfect in a cute little coffee shop or something."  When do such old person sounding thoughts happen?  

So today's post is brought to you by... Signs you are getting wiser older: 
*you ask for things you need rather than things you want for Christmas or your birthday.  Ex: vacuum
*you don't drink that 3rd glass because you know tomorrow will be hell if you keep going.
*hangovers last until Wednesday. at the earliest. 
*you get motion sickness. in the front seat.
*you are a morning person
*when you get up past 8 and feel as your whole day is shot because you slept in. 
*all of your friends are having babies on purpose. 
*you think those girls walking around in tank tops and heals in the middle of winter without a jacket just look plain ridiculous. 
*you dress weather appropriate
*you need at least 8 hours of sleep. 
*you look forward to nights in, on the couch with a good book or movie while sipping on some wine or tea (if you are really old). 
*standing room only means a next day of lower back pain 
*you "just don't get kids these days."

Have you seen Mumford & Sons in concert before?
Does going to a show make you feel old?
What are other signs that you are getting older?

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Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons on Grooveshark
Mumford & Sons - "Sigh No More"

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  1. haha i wrote an entire post about how I think I might be getting too old for concerts! i love them, but they are so much work these days :)

  2. I am seeing Mumford on Wednesday! I am excited for the show. And excited that we have seats! This is how I decide if I will go to a concert. No seats, no go. I am old.

  3. This is great! Number 1 - I am way jealous that you saw Mumford & Sons! Number 2 - As a 34 year old, I relate so much to every word of this!! Love it! What makes me feel old is when I say something and swear my mother is in the room. Happens more and more often anymore.

  4. yes, and yes! i do feel old, but that's ok, right?!


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