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So, the other day I took a sweet little 4 year old boy on an adventure.  This was a special kind of adventure.  The little guy was recently given a goldfish won by a friend of his at the fair they both went to last week.  He was so excited that I hardly had time to say good morning before he was dragging me into show me his prize Tuesday morning.  Mommy was honest with him and told him that the chances of the fish surviving more than two days were not high so she gave her little guy a choice.  He could take the chance the fish would live or let it go.  He chose to let it go.

You see, this little guy is already familiar with death. He lost his Great Grandfather and family pet within months of one another. He knows what it feels like when someone or something he loves is no longer around.

So, even though he knew he would miss having a goldfish to show off, he selflessly let it go in hopes it will "find family and maybe make new friends." His words not mine.  If that doesn't melt your heart, I am not sure what else would.  

After saying good-bye to the goldfish we stayed a little while longer so little guy could make sure the fish made it okay (and do boy things like throw rocks into the creek).  I checked a few times and didn't see anything gold floating belly up so I take that as a good sign.  Little guy wants to come back to this creek to check up on him.  Seriously, the sweetest thing.

This post was meant for Friday but once I got home I had no motivation to do much but watch TV and drink my gin & soda.  Sorry.  And I think I am going to start sharing my 365 on Wednesdays.  I have noticed my motivation is pretty much gone to shit once the weekend and gin & sodas hit.  So, until Wednesday... 

Aug 1, 2013.  Day 224 of 365
"Car Wash"

Aug 2, 2013.  Day 225 of 365

Aug 3, 2013.  Day 226 of 365

Aug 4, 2013.  Day 227 of 365.
"Sleepy Jack" 

 Aug 5, 2013.  Day 228 of 365.

 Aug 6, 2013.  Day 229 of 365.
"Mr. Fish"

 Aug 7, 2013.  Day 230 of 365.
"Rock Love" 

  Aug 8, 2013.  Day 231 of 365.
"Pre-Storm Ambiance" 

 Aug 9, 2013.  Day 232 of 365.
"Sister Toes" 

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  2. What a precious little boy, with such a big heart!

  3. Loving "sister toes" and your new blog. Well, it might not be new, but I haven't been keeping up and up with the blogs I love - did you move all your posts from your old blog - or did you start fresh?

    1. Thanks for both! I decided to use the same domain but just change the name of the blog because I didn't want to start over. If you are looking for a blog redesign check out itbritt.com for great prices and awesome girl to work with! She was seriously so awesome through the whole process.


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