cali adventures {san fran}

Since it has been almost 3 months since our adventures in California I don't really remember much about San Fran other than that we weren't overly impressed with the city.  Maybe it was the dodgy area where we started (pic below) or the chilly temps and cloud covered skies but to be honest, San Fran disappointed the 3 of us.  Even though disappointing, I am still glad we took the time to walk around because who knows when I would have ever gotten the chance if it wasn't for my sister living so close.

Check out that guy behind husband.  Straight chillin. 

I don't know how anyone could be overweight in this city.  With the 45 degree hills you have to walk up to get pretty much anywhere is exhausting.  But you def get a workout for your quads and ass. 

Since it has been so long from our trip, I don't really remember every detail but as you can see we hit up China Town, Lombard Street, and walked up more hills to pay money to walk up even more steps for a foggy view of San Fran from Croit Tower. 

Have you been to San Fran?
What did you think of the city?

Hope you are having a good Saturday!  Yay to long weekends!

Until next time
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  1. I loved Chinatown when we went...and I really wish we had made it to Coit Tower. I actually really enjoyed our trip there in May, but one thing is for sure - don't go to San Fran if you aren't ready to work out those legs! We did so much walking!

  2. I enjoyed SanFran ..... I really love their climate.
    It was nice seeing it again through your photos! :-D


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