Cali Adventures {Elizabeth Gamble Garden}

Continuing the recap from our Cali Adventures
Our wine purchases

M's sassy cat, Biscuit. 

This used to be where the Borders was.  Cannot believe no one has purchased it yet. 

Anyway, we got back mid morning from our adventures in Napa Valley with hopes of checking out Santa Cruz but decided against it because no one wanted to get back in the car after dropping M off at her apt for her nap/sleep before her night shift that night.  Instead we decided to check out a little more what Palo Alto had to offer so we googled (you can't tell but 'googled' is underlined in red, I cannot believe it isn't in the recognized yet) free things to do in the area and it recommended Elizabeth Gamble Gardens.  It was a short walk through the nice neighborhoods of Palo Alto.  Our only mistake was that we didn't bring a bottle of our wine we purchased the day before to drink while we sat under the trees among the beautiful and colorful flowers.  It would have been a lot cooler if we had.  Next time. 

Lemon trees everywhere. Imagine, unlimited access to lemons for my gin & sodas!

We were starting to get a little famished so we hit up The Old Pro so that the husband could watch the Penguins play and KDKA and I could have a Bloody.  YUM. 
Loved the different framed Sports Illustrated mag covers on the wall.  

We left after the 1st period.  While the husband watched the rest of the game at M's, KDKA and I hung outside on M's patio, drank wine, and played UNO after M left for her night shift.  It was rather uneventful day but was much needed after our first 2 days of adventures.  

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful, and wow the lemon trees! I need one of those in my back yard! Also, I love the way your name it spelled. Growing up I begged my Mom to change my spelling to yours. ha! See yah around!

  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for linking up to the Friend Connect Blog Hop. I had a blast co-hosting this event. I would love it if we could keep in touch with each other and follow each other. I'm following you via GFC.

    P.S. Nice pictures

  3. Thanks for stopping by today...amazing photography - I'm partial to sassy cat Biscuit...he (she?) reminds me of my Tommy, awwww.

    Jenn @smalltownjenn.blogspot.com


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