Necessary Evils.

I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone again.  Always comes and goes way too quickly.  Why can't January and February (and March) go by as quickly?

I have already gone through the post Christmas hangover and slowly starting to look forward to what the new year has to bring.  With that being said, I would like to share with you our adventure to STL for Christmas.

Since I recently decided to quit my job with the airlines, our decision to spend Christmas in STL with my family was made a little late (like 1.5 weeks before Christmas late).  Needless to say the airfare was outrageous so we decided we would drive.  I mean we drove to FL this summer so we figured the 10 hrs 13 min (according to Google) would be a breeze.

Me excited for our 10+ hour road trip to Christmas, family and booze. 
Husband not so sure about NSYNC singing about happy holidays 
Well, as with most travel plans, it didn't work out how we planned.  We had just gotten my car (our chariot for the road trip) from the shop Saturday.  It needed inspected and 100+ wah wah wah done to it so we thought we were being good and responsible road trippers.  Until the obnoxious beeping that had been given us problems returned with it's "STOP car immediately" warning.  Like other times, we just ignored the warning because it seemed to be running smoothly.  It wasn't until we started a slight incline up the hill that poor Passat started to make a sound like we were hurting her.  We pulled over at the first rest stop we saw and parked the car.   As we pulled into the parking lot, Passat was starting to sound pissed.  So husband, pretending to know what he was looking for, lifted up the hood and quickly remembered he didn't know what he was doing called AAA. 

Thank goodness for smart phones and the iPhone's decent picture quality to keep us both entertained while we waited only 45 mins (which in AAA time is record breaking) for our tow to pick us up.  

I kept looking back and thinking "man, some asshole is really riding this guys ass" until I realized I was looking at my poor car that kept looking longly into our new ride sadly from the back.  

Luckily we purchased AAA before we headed down to FL over the summer and luckily we got the second best option which covered us for a free tow up to 100 miles away from the car garage of our choice.  We pulled over in a small town in OH (just 16 miles West of Wheeling, WV) 89.3 miles away from the garage.  Phew!  Anyway, we ended up catching a flight early the next morning thanks to my Dad and his points.  

We, and by we I mean husband, hasn't heard from the garage yet.  We are both hoping this does not mean the end for Passat.  She has been good to me over the past 120,000+ miles and I hope to experience a few more thousand with her before I have to say good-bye.  

Hope you had a nice holiday and drama free travel experience!  


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